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Company Profile

Background on Senior Partners

The Meta Group was established in 1989 by independent consultants with extensive background in, and knowledge of, the Australian Chemicals, Plastics , Food Manufacturing and Packaging industries.

Meta - a Latin word meaning direction or final point is a particularly apt description for the process of industrial market research which in itself flows on to give business direction and objectives to progressive companies for the pursuance of profitable growth.

Peter Auld

Has a considerable knowledge of the chemicals and plastics industries gained in over 26 years with major Australian chemical companies in technical, marketing and strategic planning roles. Over the past 14 years Peter has been an independent freelance consultant to the chemicals, plastics and food industry.

Toni Bates

Holds a B.App.Sc.(Hon) majoring in Chemistry, gained from U.N.S.W. She has had over 17 years experience in industrial market research, specialising in the plastics packaging, chemicals & food industries operating within the Market Research Divisions of Union Carbide Australia and BIS Shrapnel, and over the last 11 years as a freelance consultant.

A full profile of each of the senior partners who will be used in this project can be provided if required.

Sample of Clients

Clients for our Multi-client reports have included:

  • ICI Australia (now known as Orica)
  • Hoechst
  • Kemcor
  • Hardie Iplex
  • Amatek
  • PPI Industries
  • Roche Products
  • Sandoz
  • Ciba Geigy
  • BASF
  • Rhone Poulenc
  • Albright & Wilson
  • Kraft
  • Pfizer

In addition, individual research has also been undertaken for a wide range of industrial organisations including:

  • Kraft Food Services
  • Hardie Iplex Pipeline Systems
  • Waste Service NSW

Recent META Market Research Studies

The following  is a list of projects  which have been commissioned with the Meta Group over the past few years, and gives an indication of the breadth and scope of research undertaken by the Group.

  • Customer Awareness of Safety at Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
    For: Waste Service NSW
    Date: Current
  • Monitor of Satisfaction Amongst Small Vehicle Customers of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
    For: Waste Service NSW
    Date: May 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998,1999
  • Assessment of Satisfaction Amongst Customers of Liquid Waste Plant
    For: The Meta Group, on behalf of Waste Service NSW
    Date: August 1994
  • An Audit of Selected Food Ingredients in Australia
    For: The Meta Group , on behalf of Kraft Foods
    Date: October 1992
  • Plastics Packaging in Australia 1993-1995 (2 volume)
    For: BIS Shrapnel on behalf of Multiclient
    Our Part: Volume 1 (Flexible Packaging)
    Date: June 1993
  • Plastics Packaging in Australia 1990-1992 (6 volume)
    For: BIS Shrapnel on behalf of Multiclient
    Our Part: 2 volumes - Single Substrate Retail and Consumer Packaging ; Industrial Packaging and Material Handling
    Date: November 1990
  • Australian Market for Food Additives & Processing Aids - Trends & Prospects for the 1990's - (3 volume)
    For: The Meta Group, on behalf of Multiclient
    Date: November1990
  • A Business Guide to Food additives in Australia
    For: The Meta Group - Multiclient study
    Date: March 1991
  • Australian Plastic Additives - Trends & Prospects for the 1990's
    For: The Meta Group, on behalf of Multiclient
    Date: July 1991
  • The Australian Market for Industrial Fragrances -Trends & Prospects for the 1990's
    For: The Meta Group - Multiclient study
    Date: November 1991
  • Australian Market for Pipes, Tubes & Conduits
    For: The Meta Group - Multiclient study
    Date: February 1992
  • Australian Market for HIPS Products
    For: Hardie Iplex Pipeline Systems
    Date: September 1992
  • Mail Survey of Community News and Community Annual Report
    For: Parramatta City Council
    Date: October 2000
  • Monitor of Satisfaction Amongst Clients of Solid Waste Facilities of Waste Service NSW
    For: Waste Service NSW
    Date: October 2000

Meta's Demonstrated Expertise in Major Community Consultation and Research Projects

As can be seen from the list of projects in the previous section, many of our studies have been carried out in the industrial area with large Corporation clients. Over the past 18 months, Meta has also conducted a number of consumer oriented studies for the various Divisions of Waste Service NSW with investigations into Customer Satisfaction with both Liquid Waste and Solid Waste facilities. In conducting this research for both industrial Corporations and Waste Service NSW, Meta's Senior Consultants are involved at all points in the research project including:

  • Detailed discussions with senior management in the organisations carrying the studies.
  • Development of questionnaires, often in consultation with senior staff.
  • Supervision of a fieldforce of trained interviewers.
  • EDP supervision and design of computer printout.
  • Direct interviewing with key accounts.
  • Clear and concise interpretation of results to ensure an actionable report for clients.
  • Post client presentations and ancillary presentations to client's key customers if required.

Contact Details

The Meta Group can be contacted by post at the following address

The META Group
PO Box 826
Double Bay NSW 2028

As the partners operate from two separate offices, either one can be reached as follows:

Toni Bates Tel: +61 2 91302103
Fax: +61 2 93873753
Peter Auld Tel: +61 2 45791150
Fax: +61 2 45791216

Alternatively, email


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